David J. Jecmen, PhD

Dr. Jecmen has a passion for integrating spirituality and psychology. Dr. Jecmen's approach to therapy is grounded in the belief that people are born with, and retain throughout their lives, a basic need and desire for spontaneous, life-giving self-expression. He works with people to develop an awareness of this authentic self and use it more and more in their daily lives. Beneath whatever pain people carry, Dr. Jecmen sees a part of them that remains whole and vibrantly alive. This unbroken core is a constant source of energy, motivation, and guidance. As a necessary part of this work, Dr. Jecmen strives to offer a safe, nurturing place, a sanctuary, where people can come for help. In that sanctuary, Dr. Jecmen invites them to face whatever holds them back in their lives, honor their deepest selves, and choose a truly life-giving way of being in the world.

After receiving his Master's and Doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology from the Ohio State University, Dr. Jecmen worked for group practices in Atlanta, Georgia and Scottsdale, Arizona. He owned and operated a solo, independent practice in Scottsdale for several years, and in November, 2003, he opened a partnership practice, Sanctuary: A Healing Place, LLC, with his wife Dorothy Jecmen, LPC.

Currently, Dr. Jecmen enjoys working with marriage and family dynamics, parent-child relationships, addictions/recovery, giftedness, and spirituality. He is a member of the Religious and Priest Assistance Program committee for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, providing wellness programs, assessment, treatment, and referral to the clergy and religious. He offers workshops and seminars on a variety of topics including spirituality, personal/spiritual growth, giftedness, intimacy, and the structure of human emotion.

David J. Jecmen, Ph. D

...People are born
with and retain
throughout their lives
a basic need and desire
for spontaneous, life-giving